The Femni-Viewer was created when the original Omni-Viewer was hooked into its copy, the Pirate Omni-Viewer and cleansed its systems. This caused it to have a complete personality overhaul, courtesy of new programming from Vector the Crocodile. For reasons unexplained, the corrupted copy appears to have become 'female', adopting a new light purple colour scheme and more feminine characteristics, including more prominent eyelashes and fuller lips. It is now far more benevolent, returning everyone to their correct time periods at the request of the original, and even going so far as to call Omni 'handsome'.

Chaotix Crew
Current Members: Vector the Crocodile - Mighty the Armadillo - Espio the Chameleon - Charmy Bee - Omni-Viewer - Femni-Viewer

Former Members: Nack the Weasel

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