Father Christmas
, sometimes called Santa, is a powerful, magical being who embodies the spirit of Christmas. He delivers presents to good little boys and girls across the universe every Christmas Eve, flying through the sky on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He is aided by a workshop full of elves (and sometimes petty criminals doing community service).

Father Christmas possesses incredible magical abilities, the limits of which are unknown. Among the abilities he has demonstrated, he has the ability to appear and disappear at will and to predict the future. He can only be seen by living creatures: he is invisible to machines such as Trooper Badniks. Father Christmas also claims that he cannot be touched in anger, and when Doctor Robotnik attempted to do so, Robotnik's hand passed straight through him. However, he was later attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog (who believed he was Robotnik in disguise) and Sonic was able to throw him into a snowdrift, although Father Christmas was completely unharmed.


One Christmas Eve during Doctor Robotnik's dictatorship of planet Mobius, Father Christmas visited him in his office at Citadel Robotnik. Father Christmas offered Robotnik a chance to do a good deed, by destroying one of his own space satellites instead of using it for evil. He referred to Robotnik as "Ovi", reminding the dictator that he was once Doctor Ovi Kintobor, a good man. Robotnik rebuffed Father Christmas, refusing his offer. Father Christmas accepted this sadly, then showed Robotnik that the satellite was being destroyed by Shortfuse the Cybernik. Before departing, Father Christmas warned Robotnik that, unless he changed his ways, his empire would fall in the next few months.[1] This warning became true when Robotnik was overthrown a short time later. Meanwhile, Father Christmas was also seen in the Special Zone, delivering presents there on the same night.

The following year on Christmas Eve, the villainous elf Vile Peter escaped from his cell at Father Christmas' workshop and travelled to the Emerald Hill Zone, where he kidnapped half of the children in town. Father Christmas followed him and caught Vile Peter in a sack. However, he also encountered Sonic the Hedgehog, who assumed he was Doctor Robotnik in disguise. Sonic grabbed him by the beard and threw him into a snowdrift, realising too late that the beard was real and so was Father Christmas. Nevertheless, Father Christmas was unharmed and highly amused by Sonic's mistake. He released the children captured by Vile Peter and left a pile of Christmas presents for Sonic and friends before flying off on his sleigh. [2]

The following year, the thwarted criminal Captain Christmas was forced to assist Father Christmas in delivering presents. [3] Meanwhile, on an alien planet, he delivered an offer of work in the New Year to an unemployed father. [4]

A number of years later, the Chaotix Crew were trying to learn the secrets of Father Christmas' magic sack, so they could reverse-engineer it. Later that night, Father Christmas visited a depressed and lonely Sonic, leaving reminders for Sonic of happier days. [5]

During the New Robotnik Empire's assault on Mobius, Robotnik hacked into television transmissions and claimed that he had assassinated Father Christmas. Dr Wilhelm Goht of Metropolis University debunked the rumours, reminding people that he could not be seen by machines and could teleport away at will. [6]


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