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Fall of the Leaf is a 2-part Tails story, beginning in Issue 113. The story introduced minor criminal, The Leaf and the Eldorado Zone.



Tails is in the Eldorado Zone, looking to buy a decent veggie burger. He lands, asking a couple of the residents directions to the nearest chip shop. The male sniffs; the Eldorado Zone is too posh to have any chip shops. The people of this Zone only dine in the finest restaurants and Tails wouldn't get in without a tie. Severely put out by their snobbish attitude, Tails turns to go home until he hears cries for help from the restaurant. Inside, a Drill-bot has come up through the ground, tearing up tables and scaring the customers. Tails deftly flies round the protruding drill and finds the off button, ending the danger. From the crack, a miner appears and thanks Tails; the bot's diamond sensors had gone wild when it passed underneath the restaurant and detected the customers' jewellery. As a reward, a lady gives Tails a diamond necklace but he refuses, much preferring a burger. Still annoyed that they only think of money, Tails tries to leave but another cry for help rings out. This time, someone has stolen a diamond tiara from the apartment of Mrs Curly-Smythe. A police officer comes to the scene, a security camera photo in his hand. Revealing that the culprit entered through the thirteenth floor window, the photo is shown to have captured none other than Tails! The fox knows he's innocent, but cna't prove it to the assembled crowd, so flees. In a dark corner, the one responsible can't believe his good luck. Now The Leaf can continue his crime spree and Tails will get the blame.

Later, darts champion Eric Bungalow wakes to find one of his trophies stolen. Looking out the window, he sees "Tails" in the distance and he alerts the public below. Tails is nearby and jumps out into the light at this accusation. He proves his innocence, being in a different place to the robbery, but they all believe he is fast and that one of the Freedom Fighters was always likely to turn to crime. A suited bear captures him, wanting his reward, but the fox doesn't try to escape, wanting to clear his name. He asks for one chance, an idea in mind. That night, The Leaf overhears that the Golden Bike Frame of the Steptoe Zone will be on display at the museum. The criminal takes his cue and attempts to steal it. However, he finds he's been tricked when he finds the antique to actually be a rusty bike painted gold. Tails and some of the public catch him gold-handed. The Leaf has no choice but to fly away, using his mechanical wings to keep ahead of the chasing Tails. The Leaf taunts Tails for being mistaken as the thief but now wants his crimes to be recognised. Tails carries on chasing The Leaf until his wing's batteries die. As the criminal falls, Tails catches him.

On the surface, the people apologise, claiming they knew he was innocent all along.



This story was reprinted in Issue 192 and Issue 193.


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