Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn

The Fabian Vane Fan Club is a group dedicated to following Fabian Vane. Over the years, numbers in the club have dwindled, although his recent popularity may have bolstered members somewhat. Prominent members wear a large gold badge reading "Fabian Vane Fan Club Member".


Vane was at a low point following his recent fall in stock; his star had been eclipsed by Peter Android and he was reduced to DJing at school discos. In order to achieve some publicity, Vane begged his remaining fan club members to orchestrate a stunt that involved his kidnapping. The singer was opening a supermarket when he was snatched up by a passing flying ship. He was taken to the Rocky Valley Zone, where he was hidden in a cave and treated to pizza, comics, cocktails and television.

Believing that Vane is genuinely in trouble, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary fly off to rescue him. In the Rocky Valley Zone, the heroes are targeted by two guns set up by the fan club to scare off snoopers. Fortunately, the guns destroy each other and the girls follow the source of an electrical signal. Inside the cave, they force the fan club to surrender, but Amy soon learns the true reason for the stunt.


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