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Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns

Fabian Vane is the worst singer that ever lived.


Vane was a major star (and the favourite singer of Norris Wimple) after the fall of Robotnik. Due to a series of attacks on him, he hired Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary as bodyguards. Unfortunately for him, they uncovered how much money he owed to various debtors for writing his songs, designing his clothes, plastic surgery et al. Revealed as a fake and having to pay what he owed, he was left relying on his fans to support him - just as the new hot star Peter Android debuted.

Fabian tried time and again to make a comeback. His first attempt had him recording new demo tapes - his singing made the locals believe the old house he was using was haunted, and actually caused the building to collapse. He took a series of low-rent jobs singing at restaurants and store openings before deciding to fake his own kidnapping to gain fame. This actually worked, but thankfully he'd lost his voice from being "captive" in a cave system and his comeback flopped.

Finally, a group of Mobians encouraged him to use the Eternity Ring to spread his music to other worlds, hoping to ensure he'd be gone from Mobius forever. Unfortunately, Amy and Tekno saved him.

Sonic the Comic Online

When the Battle for Mobius broke out, Fabian was a contestant on Celebrity Mobius Has Got Talent. Percival Kane had Fabian sing during a Trooper attack on the Kane Broadcasting Company - horrified, the Troopers ran away and one committed suicide.

In the single worst thing to happen during the war, his actions in the battle made Fabian Vane became a global superstar once more ("Vane Hopes"): as well as using his voice to drive off attacks by Robotnik, he released a new CD and went on a tour. Amy Rose and other Freedom Fighters were forced to protect him from assassination attempts, as Robotnik heroically tried to stop Vane's singing once and for all.

Following the failed attempt at his life, Vane's stock grew and KBC were soon covering the "wedding of the moment" when he announced a whirlwind marriage to Ilka Webb. Despite Mayor Green's misgivings and thanks to Amy's interference, Webb revealed herself to be a weapon of Robotnik's, again sent to stop the "hero". For once, the warbler saved the day, blasting out his pre-recorded wedding vows from a stereo that caused the emotionally-unstable Webb to explode. A sad day all round for Vane, as his attempt to start the trend of robot girlfriends failed before it could begin.

As part of his campaign to remain Zone Leader of the Moonshine Plains Zone, Bucky O' Bear used the fact that he had repelled many of Vane's concerts during his time in power.