Extreme Gear is a new type of air vehicle, which seems to have been designed mostly with racing in mind. It can take the form of boards, motorcycles and skates, though some exceptions can exist, such as flying carpets, brooms and nimbus clouds. The machines are fuelled by air systems, which can be refuelled (in the games featuring them) by collecting Power Rings and successfully performing tricks. Some Gear can grant extra abilities to riders who would otherwise lack such skills.

Extreme Gear has only appeared once in Sonic the Comic Online. It was compulsory when Sonic and Tails took on the Babylon Rogues in an illegal cross-planet road race. In this story, Gear only appeared in board form. Jet the Hawk was shown to have had his modified to hide a gun, and the boards' onboard computers were set to explode past a certain point, though this was prevented by Tails.

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