Exit: Sonic is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story that began in Issue 275 of Sonic the Comic Online. In a Sonic the Comic first, the story wasn't in the original issue, being added to the contents on 2nd June 2018 - four days after the issue's initial release.



Issue 275 was a release in which it was announced that Corker, long-time Hume who had worked with Sonic the Comic Online for over 15 years, had left the creative and editorial team. Although there had been hints that this actually may be the final edition of the online comic, there have been responses on Speedlines and Facebook that there would be future issues.

Nevertheless, previous STC writer Kitching was keen to bring an end to his Sonic in his own way. The comic contains a personal footnote from Kitching:

This will be the last Sonic the Hedgehog story I ever write. I began the STC continuity back in 1993 and, working closely with Richard Elson, came up with something we're both still proud of.

But, after 25 years this is the end for our Sonic and I wanted to be the one who wrote his final story.

~ Nigel Kitching 29/05/2018


First Half

"It is the future and Sonic is starting to show his age..."

Sonic is speeding through the Sandopolis Zone, a determined look in his face. He is eventually stopped in his tracks by Tails, alarmed that Sonic is running anywhere in his "condition". Sonic shrugs it off, but Knuckles the Echidna needs Sonic back in the Emerald Chamber for his "procedure". Sonic initially resists and particularly doesn't want Tails' help, but relents and accepts a ride back to base in Tails' Bi-plane.

In the Emerald Chamber, Doctor Robotnik has been captured and is furious, seemingly thinking he is still the ruler of Mobius. Amy Rose and Porker Lewis are also present and they are planning an experiment involving the Star Post. Although not explicitly stated, they appear to be trying to absorb the evil from Robotnik in much the same way as Super Sonic was removed from Sonic.

Sonic himself arrives and asks how his godson, Amy and Tekno the Canary's child, is doing. Amy shrugs off Sonic's joke that Johnny will soon be old enough to join the Freedom Fighters and turns her attention to how Robotnik arrived on the Floating Island. Whilst asleep one night, Knuckles was awoken by the Chamber's alarms, warning that there was a contamination in the Chaos energy. Robotnik leaps out of the vortex and, back in the present day, they discuss how he got there.

The discussion is broken up by the appearance of Robotnik outside of his cell. He reminds everyone that he has a homing device in his tooth and this allowed Grimer to find him and free him. Although Robotnik now has a gun, the real weapon was brought by Grimer - Super Sonic!

Second Half

Super Sonic breaks loose from the control of Robotnik and attacks both him and Grimer.


  • The title is a direct reference to the first ever Sonic story, Enter: Sonic. This suggests this is a true book-end as Kitching's final story.
  • The footnote suggests that Kitching began the STC continuity. In reality, Alan McKenzie wrote the first published STC story, but Kitching would go on to establish what would become the series' biggest story arcs and is the comic's most popular writer.
  • It is currently unclear whether this is the future of the current Sonic the Comic Online continuity, or an explicitly different one unique to Nigel Kitching. Although STC editors mentioned that this was the future so they were free to "kill Sonic", Kitching also said this was the final story of "his Sonic".
  • Part 2 is set to be released a month after the first part. It hasn't been stated yet if this will be again in Issue 275 or Issue 276.
  • Knuckles being tricked by Robotnik and rescuing him using the homing device is from that same strip.
  • Amy and Tekno have become a canon couple. This ends the suggested relationship between Tekno and Shortfuse the Cybernik although, as this is set in the future, there is still time for that coupling to become official.
  • Sonic being Johnny's godson suggests that there is a belief system on Mobius. Prior to this, most "gods" - such as Set and the Tantaror were revealed to be aliens.
  • At some point in time, Robotnik is said to have been "consumed in the Chaos Vortex". It is unclear if this is following his (chronologically) last appearance in Final Act, shortly after the last STC story Point of No Return! or after an unknown story in the past.
  • Robotnik is revealed to have never gone insane. The character spent the majority of his time in STC-O in madness, but this story suggests it was a ploy. Grimer is also revealed to stayed by Robotnik's side, contradicting his speech in Goodbye, Mobius (although this again could be misdirection).
  • If this is a direct continuation of the STC continuity, is unclear why Super Sonic is no longer part of Sonic. If it continues on from Unleashed, this story reveals what happened to Super after events on the Floating Island.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Battle for Drak. This is the current story. Chronologically, this is also the final story of the series.

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