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Eternity Ring is

The Ring of Eternity makes its presence known. Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn.

a complete story starring Amy Rose, along with Tekno the Canary, which featured in Issue 134. It marked the first appearance of the Ring of Eternity.



Amy and Tekno have taken time out on their summer holdays to visit the Snowcap Mountain Zone, where Tekno believes they are about to make the discovery of a lifetime. Her scanner has picked up strange readings and is curious to find out what they are, but the heroes are immediately disturbed by an oncoming avalanche. They manage to dodge it, but Tekno lands right in front of a spike trap. Amy pulls her out of the way before destroying it with her crossbow. The hedgehog remembers that this is a Zone notorious for strange goings-on and the locals even stay away. As they ponder this. the pair are assailed by a large monster. Quickly, Amy notices that the monster isn't leaving any footprints and realises it must be a 'ghost', running right through it. Tekno's scanner goes wild, meaning they must be close. Amy warns Tekno to tread carefully, but ends up falling into a fissure, but Tekno grabs hold and saves her. After all these dangers, they are then faced by a round, hovering being that calls itself the Ring of Eternity. It has set these tasks for Amy and Tekno to prove themselves worthy of a momentous task. Several other worlds need help and the Ring needs two heroes to embark on this adventure. Without much thought, Amy and Tekno leap in and start on another perilous mission.


  • Amy and Tekno leave the planet without informing anyone of their whereabouts, trusting something that had just tried to kill them. Incidentally, if these tasks had proved beyond the heroes, they would probably have just died.


The previous Amy Rose story was Following Suit. The next is Prehistoric Ways.