The essence was an unusual artifact carried by Ebony in Ebony & Ivory. In her last encounter with Super Sonic, Ebony siphoned off a tiny fragment of the demon's power and sealed it inside a small bottle, hoping to use it to find a way to restore Super's pacifist state. The Order of Magick learned of this and pursued Ebony hoping to put her on trial, considering her actions illegal and immoral. When Sonic opened the bottle out of curiosity after grabbing it, he was faced with an image of Super Sonic and immediately began to change into the demon. Ebony began using the essence to hasten Sonic's transformation, but Blaze the Cat, who had recently joined the battle, was able to grab the bottle and subdue Ebony, leaving the Order to deal with Super Sonic with a Chaos-level containment spell.

Blaze continued to hold the bottle as she was warped to Planet Drak. Having a vial of Chaos energy on her person made it easy for the trio of Dax, Etsu and Phi to find her.

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