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Espio the Chameleon is a resident of the Special Zone and a member of the Chaotix Crew. He usually has a cool head but can sometimes be easily provoked (especially if Charmy does the provoking). He has purple skin with a skin-pink muzzle and belly. He has three ridges at the back of his head and a sharp yellow horn on his forehead. He also has yellow eyes (in STC-O) and has green spines running down his back. He made his first appearance along with his teammates in Sonic the Comic Issue 53.


As a chameleon, Espio can camouflage himself and blend into his surroundings, essentially becoming invisible. He is an adept fighter, butting enemies with his horn, whipping with his tail or using his Spinning Top Attack to bowl opponents down. He also has a notably long tongue, as demonstrated in his removing a gun from Shadow the Hedgehog.


  • The video game Sonic Heroes established Espio as a ninja, and he has been portrayed as such in all games since then. However, he was introduced as a character in Sonic the Comic well before he was considered a ninja, and there has been no indication in the StC continuity that he has such skills or background.


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