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Errol's first official appearance, art by Dave Windett and John M Burns.

Errol Blackthorn is a famed member of the Nameless Zone and current sergeant of the Nameless Zone police force. Along with sister Morain, Blackthorn has openly defied the goblin plan to encroach on his home land but is now working alongside them to ensure integration between the two races goes smoothly.


Errol is suggested to have been involved in several skirmishes and missions, as he is one of the favourite warriors of the Enchanter Kings. Despite his obvious skill, Errol was sidelined when Trogg came to invade the Zone, the monarchy preferring to send famed champion Miles "Tails" Prower to fight him instead. Even so, Errol celebrated with everyone else at Tails' victory. In the time after this, Errol was likely informed that he would be needed on a mission to the Land Beyond, so retreated and excessively learned his way around the tunnels of Trogg's labyrinth. When the time came for he and Tails to go and rescue Shirob, Errol was much more reluctant to work with Tails now he could see him up close. A subsequent battle across the Dimension Bridge saw Errol learn that Tails' early letters home were exaggerated and decided he must inform the Kings of the deception on their return home. Over the course of the quest, it was Tails whose heroism shone through whilst Errol almost got the pair killed on two occasions. After finally returning home, Errol relented on his duty and informed his superiors that Tails was a true champion.

Over a year later, the Enchanter Kings were kidnapped by Trogg and taken to the Land Beyond to be turned into Berzerkers. Sent by Shaman Warpull, Errol ventured alone to rescue them but was captured and subjected to Trogg's power, turning Errol into a monster. On his return to the Nameless Zone, Errol used his newfound dark powers to attack Tails, but the "overstuffed gerbil" was knocked out by Knuckles the Echidna and placed in the city stocks. He remained there until The Dark One's Dark Orb was cast into the non-existent space, reverting him back into a fox. Many years after this, Errol opposed goblin king Roubal's movement into the Nameless Zone but was captured for his troubles. His tenure in prison was short-lived, Errol breaking out to assist Tails and Morain in battle. Before any of them were killed, the three Enchanter Kings insisted that Errol and friends must be left unscathed.

Sonic the Comic Online

Errol's current look, art by Adamis.

The situation worsened in the Nameless Zone, with little to distinguish between the two Zones anymore. Errol joined up to the police force, hoping to make life more peaceful for his own people. His working relationship with Sergeant Gork was a strained one, the latter having served under Trogg and believed that all foxes had a place beneath goblins. On one mission, Errol was called to the Land Beyond after hearing Tails was in the Zone, possibly helping Morain on a resistance task. Sure enough, Errol spotted the two-tailed fox board the first train to use the new Inter-Zone railway bridge and followed him in. His reunion with Morain was an unhappy one, instantly calling for Morain to surrender on several charges of crimes against the Nameless Zone. Blackthorn drew his sword but remained in control of the situation until Gork took over and caused chaos. With Errol giving up on his sister, he was surprised when she jumped out of the window, although she had an escape plan sorted.

Back home, Errol thanked Tails for his help and explained why he joined the goblin police force. Later, Errol responded to another act of violence by chasing Morain with a crossbow, planning on arresting her, Pippa, Trent and Tails for property damage.


Errol is a noble warrior, always putting his country first, even if that means putting his family second. He often thinks after acting, putting himself and friends in danger, although he invariably means well. After breaking out of prison, he had the foresight to realise a truce with the goblins may the best option, but signed up to the goblin police force so the foxes could have some say in law-enforcement. Errol initially belittled Tails but now looks up to him as a true hero, having been saved by him on several occasions. His relationship with Morain has deteriorated in recent years thanks to her involvement in a terrorist group.