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Enter the Cybernik is a 3-part Sonic's World story, first appearing in Issue 45 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted from Issue 200 to Issue 202.



Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters are away from the Emerald Hill Zone, but life still isn't dull. Shorty the Squirrel is having an altercation with another Emerald Hill folk member, a bird who believes that Doctor Robotnik is a good guy. Hopper, Shorty's rabbit friend thinks he'll soon change his mind, as the Zone suddenly comes under attack from a Trooper squadron. The Robotnik sympathiser is the first to be thrown in a prison cell, making the ideal Badnik. One by one, the rest of the village is rounded up, but Shorty manages to escape. Wondering how he is going to save his friends, Shorty stows away on the ship and follows his friends into a Badnik Processing Plant. Before Grimer can turn the animals into new Badniks, Shorty bursts out of a ventilation shaft and damages a computer, but it is too late - his friends are Badniks. For his trouble, Doctor Robotnik chooses to place the squirrel in his new "Super-Badnik" armour, ensuring that once he is inside he will never be able to escape again.

Shorty attempts to resist the brainwashing, but it is to no avail and Shorty has become a new Badnik. Ordered to demonstrate his new powers, Shorty doesn't hesitate in destroying a nearby Trooper, both irritating and impressing Robotnik at the same time. As a test of loyalty, Robotnik orders Shorty to take the other new Badniks and destroy his old home. Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, the remaining villagers are grateful that they evaded capture, although they may not be so lucky now that Shorty's new squad have arrived. Fortunately, the Badniks are suddenly destroyed by none other than Shorty! The ex-squirrel has indeed resisted the programming and proceeds to free every single friend from the Badniks. Back in his base, Grimer tells Robotnik the news and the furious tyrant immediately grabs his new Egg-o-Matic and prepares for a showdown.

Hopper wonders if there is a way to free Shorty, but the squirrel reveals he is in there permanently. Keen to get revenge, he is soon given the chance when Robotnik arrives to terminate his new defect. Shorty quickly gains the upper hand, but Robotnik has a Plan B - a device that shorts out the Cybernik's circuits and makes him immobile. Fortunately, Shorty is rescued by the returning Sonic the Hedgehog. With Sonic and Robotnik engaged in battle, Shorty locates the torturous device and crushes it. Robotnik then withdraws, knowing he can't defeat two heroes. When the rest of the Freedom Fighters return, Sonic offers Shorty a place in the team, but the new Badnik refuses, wishing to do things on his own. Before he can leave, Hopper runs after him and begs him to stay. Shorty reveals he must fight "for justice and freedom and... stuff" and flies off, pronouncing himself Shortfuse the Cybernik!


Aside from Troopers, this story featured a selection of Badniks, all used to annihilate the Emerald Hill Zone:


  • It isn't explained why the Cybernik armour is in the shape of a squirrel.
  • Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic is stored in Hangar 18.
  • The closing caption to Part 2 states that the conclusion will be "better than a Bruno fight".


  • Shortfuse the Cybernik (and Shorty himself) made his first appearance in this story and would later to go on to become a major recurring character throughout the entire comic's run, starting with Knuckles Versus the Cybernik.
  • It is the second Sonic's World story not to focus on Mobian's history and the first to star a new hero.
    • It is also the first Sonic's World story to be drawn by Corona, written by Stringer and lettered by Potter.
  • Badnik Processing Plants make their first appearance.
  • The Cybernik program is mentioned for the first time. Despite its only flaw being that Shorty was able to destroy the software, it was not used again until much later. Even then, Vermin the Cybernik was considered for the role as he wanted to become a Cybernik.


  • Hopper has not yet appeared in another strip.
  • Robotnik's "Plan A" is to use his blasters to destroy Shortfuse, even though he created him to be indestructible.

Comparison to the games

Although Shortfuse the Cybernik did not become a Sega character, the idea of a Super-Badnik that turns good was used much later in Sonic Adventure. E-102 Gamma is a robot that was made by placing a Flicky inside a E-Series shell. This Badnik was largely indestructible and was able to take many hits from Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and many other Badnik fellows.

Whereas Shortfuse's programming was disrupted by smashing the console before his creation, Gamma's rebellion was due to a number of situations caused by Robotnik. Similarly to Shortfuse, Gamma wished to save his friends who had also been converted into Badniks and freed them by destroying the other E-Series robots.


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