Sonic speeds into his first STC adventure!

Enter: Sonic was the first Sonic the Hedgehog complete story story published in Issue 1 of Sonic the Comic.



Set a few months after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic is back in the Green Hill Zone completing his regular duty of freeing his fellow Mobians that are trapped inside Doctor Robotnik's Badniks. Elsewhere Robotnik is observing Sonic on a screen and remarks at how his latest invention is going to finally destroy his nemesis. Robotnik reveals his 'Engine of Destruction' a huge tank-like machine which is capable of polluting the planet's atmosphere for a thousand years. Running off of the power of Mobius' golden rings the machine proceeds to suck up all the rings within its surrounding area. Sonic hearing about Robotnik's machine, proceeds to head to the area where it is powering-up. Robotnik quickly targets Sonic, however his machine has not yet reached full-power so he dispatches a unit of badniks to delay Sonic's attack.

Sonic quickly deals with his new foes, but the animals inside have a warning for him before he can speed off. Johnny Lightfoot warns Sonic that a trap waits for him and a chicken worries about Robotnik's machine. Sonic heads off anyway, but is ambushed by a Buzz Bomber troop just as a rock slide occurs. Sonic is quick enough to deal with them, but his momentum carries him towards a spike trap. Fortunately, a passing Bat Brain slows Sonic's fall and the hedgehog rescues the trapped Porker Lewis from the pit. Sonic catches up with Robotnik and, realising the danger, launches a Spin Attack right through the machine, destroying it. As Robotnik flies off, the Green Hill Zone gets ready to party, but Sonic's more worried about the missing Tails...

Featured Badniks


  • Rings make one of their few appearances before they are completely forgotten about in this universe.
  • Robotnik says he has a "bigger surprise" waiting for Sonic, referring to Robofox, the enemy of the next story.


This is the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog story. However, the unchanged events of Sonic 1 and 2 happened before this. The next is Robofox.

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