The Engine of Destruction is a massive terraforming machine built by Doctor Robotnik which made its one and only
appearance in Issue 1's Enter: Sonic.

This abomination was tremendous in size and ran on huge tank tracks across the land, tearing up the Green Hill Zone landscape and spewing toxic gasses into the atmosphere. The Engine carried a vacuum-like device that sucked golden rings from all the zones it passed through, meaning it would never require refuelling. Robotnik's plan was to use this machine to pollute Mobius's atmosphere and leave the planet uninhabitable for a thousand years. Despite its great size and intimidating appearance, the Engine of Destruction had no offensive weaponry and was not strong at all. Sonic was able to destroy the machine with one Spin Attack.


  • In one panel, Sonic refers to the Engine of Destruction as a 'Neutrino Accelerator'. In science fiction, neutrino particles are often related to faster-than-light (FTL) travel, so this term doesn't really make sense in this story.
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