A ray device created by a deceased scientist known as Professor Neinstein. The device was shaped like a bazooka and was capable of absorbing energy from one person or object and transmitting it to another. In STC Issue 39's Sonic No More story, Dr. Robotnik had somehow acquired the device and he and Grimer used it to ambush Sonic. The weapon robbed Sonic of his powers (and also turned him back to his original brown form) and gave them to Robotnik (whose appearance somehow became a mockery of Sonic's). With Sonic's abilities, Robotnik humiliated his enemy and planned to attack the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic later returned and was followed by two Bat Brains. The Badniks mistook Robotnik for Sonic, since the doctor's appearance had been altered to look like Sonic. They attacked their master despite his protests, and Grimer was forced to remove Sonic's powers from Robotnik to stop the Bat Brains attacking. Sonic had his powers restored and then snatched the EA/TD from Grimer and smashed it.

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