Emperor Ko-Dorr observes the attack on the Emerald Hill Zone.

Emperor Ko-Dorr is a Drakon, and the former leader of the House of War.

In his first appearance in Sonic the Comic, he came into contact with Dr Robotnik, brought to the Drakon Empire by a Prosecutor. While initially the Drakons were curious as to who had discovered the secrets of the Mobius Ring on Flickies' Island, Ko-Dorr's attention shifted to Sonic the Hedgehog, Robotnik telling the Emperor that the hedgehog was guilty of crimes against the Drakon Empire, through the destruction of a Sentinel. Ko-Dorr and Robotnik thus made a deal: The Drakons would provide Robotnik with resources and transport, and he in turn would deliver the Chaos Emeralds, allowing Ko-Dorr to rule the House of Magic and House of Knowledge in addition to his own House of War, but the first priority was to deal with Sonic. The hedgehog was brought to the House of War and entered into a Trial by Combat against a Metallix Mark 3, Ko-Dorr presiding as judge. When Sonic was victorious, with a little help from Tails, Ko-Dorr saw that the hedgehog was safely returned home, but was left with a promise that the Drakons hadn't seen the last of Sonic.

Later, Sister Haggra revealed to Ko-Dorr and Master Scholar that Sonic was the key to the Drakons obtaining the Chaos Emeralds, but Ko-Dorr was forced to feign ignorance and pretend not to know the hedgehog. The Emperor soon after visited Flickies' Island to bring his plan forward. The intent was to bring Sonic in and interrogate him on the whereabouts of the Emeralds, but the hedgehog wiped out every Drakon invading the Emerald Hill Zone, including a Master Sentinel. To the Emperor's good fortune though, Grimer, switched sides to join the Drakons, claiming to have had enough of working for Robotnik.

In the House of War, Grimer revealed that the Emeralds were indeed on the Floating Island, but warned Ko-Dorr of Knuckles and his Guardian Robots. Pre-occupied with planning his invasion, the Emperor had no interest in dealing with Hobson and Choy, who had defaced his statue, planning to decide on their punishment 'in a year or two.' When the Drakons later invaded the Floating Island, Ko-Dorr remained in touch with Grimer, who was leading the invasion, from the House of War. What happened to him and the other Drakons when Robotnik reshaped the universe is unknown.

Sonic the Comic Online revealed that Ko-Dorr has since been deposed and replaced by the as-yet unseen Emperor Brokken. Ko-Dorr's current whereabouts are unknown.


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