Art by Marcus Stockley

Emperor Brokken is the current leader of the Drakon House of War. In Sonic the Comic Online Issue 236, Sonic the Hedgehog discovered from Drakon civilians that Emperor Ko-Dorr had been deposed some years between then and his failed attack on the Floating Island in Issue 125. Brokken's handling of Drakon military issues wasn't immediately visible as Sonic was taken to the House of Knowledge to meet Sister Haggra and Master Scholar.


Mobius at War

For the number of years that followed, it became apparent to Drak's citizens that the House of War had become a puppet for the House of Magic and that Brokken was only leader in name only. Nonetheless, it was later revealed that the manufactured Mobian war was "my war", one in which Brokken felt that Scholar and Haggra were having too much of an interest in.

Following a meeting between the Houses in which he felt his cohorts showed insolence, Brokken demanded updates on the War from General Karn and General Drex. Brokken showed dismay that the creatures of Mobius displayed unexpected resilience and was well aware that the "peasants" still spoke of Sonic's courageous exploits. Yet as Brokken decided to consult with Lord Zurm, the "Cyber-Shifter", his followers worried that their leader was about to cause irreparable damage to the House of War - and already began to make arrangements for his replacement.

Brokken enlisted Zurm to finish off Sonic but was left disappointed when Sonic again proved victorious. His grip on his own House was starting to slip, with General Mekkel acting as a spy for the House of Knowledge. Furthermore, he was unaware of Master Scholar's ultimate plan.

Drak at War

Throughout all of this, a civil war had been launched in Brokken's front yard. A resistance group, led by Dax, Etsu and Phi, and later joined by Amy Rose, had stolen a Mobius Ring and a number of spells and launched an assault that would end the reign of the Drakon Empire. In general, the House of War were holding their own, repelling any attacks without making any serious headway on the resistance.

Master Scholar and Sister Haggra offered their help on a number of occasions, but a proud Brokken dismissed them every time. Indeed, he threatened them on their final occasion of offering, insisting the House of War was the most powerful force in the galaxy.

Brokken sent out his strongest Prosecutors and Sentinels to fend off the first attacks of Amy and Sonic. Unbeknownst to him, the House of Magic had launched a scheme to send Drak through an enormous Mobius Ring into Mobius space. Brokken was furious about this sudden development, as his forces now did not know which enemy to fight - Mobius or their own citizens. His House was taken by the rebels soon afterwards and Brokken was rounded by the resistance leaders and Hyper Sonic.


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