Tikal gazes upon the Guardian Emerald.

Emergency Program One is a Tikal story which appeared in Issue 245 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: Ed Reynolds
Art: Matthew Allen Smith


Vichama, the God of Death, has returned to Mobius, killed Knuckles, and is on the move, spirits swirling all around him. Back on the Floating Island, 5 minutes have passed since Knuckles was killed and Tikal is on the move. Just as she's stopped to rest, tears in her eyes, she is interrupted by a loud beeping. A procession of Guardian Robots pass her, proclaiming that they are enacting Emergency Program One. They refuse to answer Tikal's questions and dive into a deep pool of water, Tikal following. She resurfaces to find the robots working on a array of systems near a massive Emerald. As Tikal watches, one of the robots explains that it is the Guardian Emerald. For 8000 years the Floating Island has had a guardian, and every time one dies the robots return to the Guardian Emerald. Emergency Program One is complete, and a new guardian, in his ancient tribal clothing, emerges from the Emerald: Knuckles!


  • Emergency Program One is a reference to the 2005 Doctor Who episode, The Parting of the Ways.


This story takes place between parts two and three of Vichama Is Coming Home. The previous Tikal story was Coming Home. The next is Tikal: Girl Wonder!.

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