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The Emerald Hill Zone is a peaceful, serene greenland area located on South Island. First appearing in Issue 4, the Emerald Hill Zone has been frequently revisited, being one of the major locales on Mobius during the comic's run. It is the home of Sonic the Hedgehog and his group of Freedom Fighters and a frequent target for Doctor Robotnik. This is one of many zones based on stages from the Sonic video games, itself making its first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


The Emerald Hill Zone is quite picturesque, dominated by lush, green fields, sparkling lakes and falls and home to a friendly and peaceful community. Palm trees are a common sight in Emerald Hill, as are the stone loops that are seen in numerous zones across Mobius. Even some non-Mobians have heard stories about the Emerald Hill Zone's beauty, spurring wild tales that the fields are paved with real emeralds. While this is not the case, the Chaos Emeralds were once dug out of a hollow hill in this zone, which may be how it got its name. The villagers that live here are known as the Emerald Hill folk.


Secret Base

When Doctor Kintobor arrived on Mobius, he built his laboratory beneath the Emerald Hill Zone. Here, he could enjoy the zone's natural splendor and conduct his research in peace without disturbance to him or the local environment. After Kintobor's tragic transformation into Robotnik, his lab was abandoned. It was soon restored by Sonic the Hedgehog and Porker Lewis and became the Freedom Fighters' base of operations during Robotnik's rule. Not long after, Robotnik completed a victory over Sonic by sending him six months into the future and quickly conquered the Zone. Upon Sonic's return, the area was quickly returned from a labour camp back into its more friendly self. The Freedom Fighters remained in the Zone for another year, hiding in the old laboratory until Robotnik learned of its whereabouts and destroyed it.

Emerald Hill Migration

After the Death Egg crisis had been averted, it became clear that Robotnik had become fixated on wiping out the Emerald Hill Zone. With this in mind, the Freedom Fighters struck a deal with Knuckles the Echidna to relocate the zone's population to the Floating Island. The island was lowered to Mobius's surface and the Emerald Hill folk travelled by boat to the island's Mushroom Hill Zone. They remained in hiding there for some time, leaving their home zone empty (with the exception of Tekno the Canary's secret laboratory). Robotnik and Grimer learned of this exodus soon after and decided to concentrate some of his efforts on other Zones.

The Control Centre

When Dr. Robotnik was deposed, the Emerald Hill Zone was repopulated by its former occupants. Rebuilding was minimal since Robotnik had left the zone alone after its inhabitants had fled to the Floating Island (why he did not destroy the zone anyway out of spite is anyone's guess). When Emerald Hill was repopulated, the Freedom Fighters built themselves a new base there, this time in the village for all to see. It was clear that their services were still required since Robotnik was still at large. The Control Centre has served as the Freedom Fighters' main base ever since Issue 108, until it was destroyed in Issue 250 during Robotnik's massive invasion of Mobius.

Other key events

The Emerald Hill Zone is home to many key and supporting characters, with Amy Rose being introduced as one of the Emerald Hill folk. The Zone may still be home to the ruins of the Carnival Night Zone after Knuckles broke it off the Floating Island. The entire Zone was 'destroyed' during a simulation run by Grimer that saw the Death Egg completely remove the Zone from the map. Some time later, a dragon was found living underneath the Zone, hibernating for hundreds of years. The Drakon Empire chose the Zone as the area to begin an attack on Sonic the Hedgehog, a costly mistake as Sonic used the area's structures to his advantage. Tails valiantly protected the Zone from an attack by Robotnik's Egg Viper, even after the Freedom Fighters were forced to relocate. A look at least eighty tears into the future has revealed that the Zone has been reduced to a barely-inhabitable husk by Super Sonic, now known as the Iblis, where Silver the Hedgehog is one of the last heroes alive to protect the Zone.


Please note that other stories may have occured within Kintobor's Laboratory, Tekno's Workshop and the Control Centre, areas that are also in the Emerald Hill Zone. Similarly, there have been instances where the action takes place in a location that looks like Emerald Hill but hasn't been named.

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