Porker Lewis in a repaired Emerald Chamber. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Emerald Chamber is the nerve centre of the Floating Island. This chamber is where the Chaos Emeralds are kept and where Knuckles the Echidna can observe all activities taking place on the island. From here, the island's defensive systems are controlled as well, with control terminals surrounding the well where the Chaos Emeralds are suspended. Ajacent to the chamber is a library containing numerous scrolls and documents regarding the island's defenses and hidden treasures.

Several key events occured in the Emerald Chamber. It was first seen when Metallix Mark 2 infiltrated the building and stole the Master Emerald. A Guardian Robot under the control later destroyed the Emerald and absorbed its power, so Knuckles was forced to replace the Emerald with its head before he retrieved a new one. The chamber was subsequently destroyed by the reactivated head when it realised its energy was being stolen. It was here that Sonic the Hedgehog slipped into the Emerald column, absorbing far too much Chaos energy and kickstarting the events that would lead to hs separation from Super Sonic. It was also the place where Doctor Robotnik became a God after a failed invasion by the Drakon Empire, but was also where he was defeated and shrunk down to Shanazar. From this room, Knuckles, Tikal and the Chaotix Crew co-ordinated the defence of the Floating Island from the New Robotnik Empire.

The Emerald Chamber is just one small part of the Hidden Palace, the only major building left on the Floating Island. It may well be the remains of Pochacamac's command room from 8,000 years ago.


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