Art by Richard Elson

The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) was a global event that affected the whole of Mobius. Radiation released from the explosion of the Black Asteroid, charged up by Super Sonic, spread throughout the planet and shut down every computerised system. Although this had major consequences for banking, hospital and transport facilities, it also had the effect of shutting down every Badnik and trap owned by Doctor Robotnik, effectively ending his reign of the planet.


In the middle of 1996, Sonic the Hedgehog travelled to the Floating Island to visit Porker Lewis. Unfortunately, a shock caused by a speaking Guardian Robot caused Sonic to fall into the well housing the seven Chaos Emeralds. The tremendous build-up of Chaos energy was absorbed by Sonic, who promptly turned into Super Sonic. The last topic of conversation, Amy Rose, became his next target and the ferocious Super returned to Mobius to fight the Freedom Fighters. The heroes only managed to escape by pretending they were dead, allowing Super to wear back into Sonic. Still containing far too much energy, Sonic lay low after news spread of his betrayal but turned back into Super Sonic after provocation from Spike's Place's regulars. The Freedom Fighters tracked him down and, with help from the Kintobor Computer, were able to separate Sonic and Super, sending the demon into the Special Zone.

Super was now at large on Planet Meridian, so Sonic visited the planet to warn the Chaotix Crew. One arrest later saw Sonic bailed out by Lord Sidewinder, only for the deranged gentleman to show Sonic his new business associate - Super Sonic! An almighty battle broke out between Sonic, Chaotix, Super Sonic and Sidewinder's men. The end result was for the Omni-Viewer to trap Super inside himself and freeze time.

When it transpired that Omni had only succeeded in slowing time and that Super was slowly escaping, Chaotix agreed to trap Omni inside the Black Asteroid to make it impossible for Super Sonic to escape. However, Super Sonic realised what was going on and began to charge up the asteroid, turning his home into a massive bomb. Omni managed to escape and warned Sonic and Chaotix. The Equinox centre was able to deduce that an electromagnetic pulse would be the end result of the asteroid's explosion, causing chaos on Meridian. When Sonic learned of this, he encouraged Omni to send the asteroid to Mobius.


During the events of Issue 99 and Issue 100, the Black Asteroid exploded in the skies of Mobius. As predicted, a massive EMP spread across the whole planet, shutting down every computerised system. This proved a great short-term boost for the Emerald Hill folk (who were about to become permanent pieces of a Biological Computer) and the Freedom Fighters (who were about to be killed by Vermin the Cybernik. Not only this, but every other Badnik in the world was destroyed, releasing organic batteries trapped in their suits for years.

Power was also knocked out in Citadel Robotnik, leading Grimer to attempt to use the generator in the building's basement. Sonic tracked the villains down and overloaded the generator, destroying the building.

With all of Robotnik's weapons completely decimated, Mobius was free and Sonic declared V.R. Day. After two weeks, Tekno the Canary had succeeded in restoring power to major cities such as the Metropolis Zone.


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