Egmont Fleetway is the name of the company that published Sonic the Comic from 1993 until 2001.


Sonic the Comic was originally produced by Fleetway Editions, a merger between companies Fleetway Publications and London Editions. The company was credited as this until Issue 98, when it was replaced by parent company Egmont (listed as "Egmont Fleetway". Towards the end of STC's run, this was changed to "Egmont Magazines".


All of the editorial and behind the scenes staff at Sonic the Comic worked for Egmont Fleetway. On the other hand, creative staff such as writers and artists worked from home and only submitted work to Egmont. As revealed by Nigel Kitching, they were not employed by the company and never signed any contracts.

As Sonic the Comic Online is an unofficial continuation, nobody on the publication has any link to Egmont and the comic has no editorial link to the print run.

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