The Egg-o-Matic
served as Doctor Robotnik's personal transport during the early days of his conquest of Mobius. It is a single-person hovercraft with a rounded appearance, grey steel plating on the upper portion of the craft and a shiney black dome on the underside. The craft had small, stubby wings and a single headlamp. It could be customized with a variety of different weapons and tools, such as a wrecking ball and chain. It first appeared in Issue 1 of Sonic the Comic , but after Robotnik's transformation in Issue 22, the Egg-o-Matic was rarely seen again.


  • The Egg-o-Matic was referred to as a "Flying Egg" by Knuckles the Echidna in Issue 38. Knuckles stole one of these craft so he could get back to the Floating Island after the Battle of Emerald Hill. This craft self-destructed above the Floating Island.
  • Robotnik piloted a modified Egg-o-Matic in Issue 47 which was armed with laser weapons when he attempted to destroy Shortfuse the Cybernik.
  • In Issue 102, D.R.A.T. initiate Brother Norman piloted a larger Egg-o-Matic equipped with coiled arms which bore large fists. The coiled arms turned out to be a major design flaw, since when the fists struck the ground they bounced right back and punched Norman right out of the cockpit.
  • Although somewhat unrelated, the Egg-o-Matic also served as Robotnik's main throughout the early video games and even play a part in some modern outings. Its several customisations have been directly implemented into the comic, such as the original boss from the Green Hill Zone, as well as being heavily-altered and armoured to become the Squeeze Tag Machine.
  • Other appearances include in The Origin of Sonic, Hidden Danger!, Sonic the Human!, Kintobor spelled backwards is... and Zonerunner & The Flock, all either as a mode of slow transportation or a means of escape.
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