Editors are members of staff at Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online who oversee the creation of the comic, ensure any errors are omitted and generally enforce the quality of every issue. Editors are responsible for what stories are allowed to be published and what general direction the comic is going in.

The first editor was Richard Burton, who left 2000AD for this new comic. Deborah Tate joined as assistant editor Issue 8 and this editorial team would last for quite some time. In Issue 35, Tate became co-editor to Burton but the very next issue saw her take up the editor duties full time, with Burton moving to a Managing Editor role. Audrey Wong, someone who until now had just received "special thanks", became the assistant editor to Tate and remained in this position until Issue 85, where she was moved to a Features Editor position. Issue 107 saw her simply become Review Zone editor for one issue, after which she left the comic. During this time, Burton moved from his managing position into a straight consultant in Issue 75. Issue 109 was his last issue in this role, after which Tate became the sole editor.

As of Issue 119, Steve MacManus began to be credited as Managing Editor, a role he kept right up until Issue 223. Despite this, he had a brief run as the actual editor when Tate left in Issue 167 until Andy Diggle took over in Issue 170. Diggle was responsible for bringing back Nigel Kitching for the final 10-part Sonic Adventure story arc and let Sonic the Comic go out with a bang.

Both Dave Hunt and Wong have been credited as editors of the Sonic the Summer Special series.

Sonic the Comic Online

Editors for Sonic the Comic Online work slightly differently, with more than one editor frequently credited for each issue. Tom Huxley took the reins as lead editor before the project saw publication, but by the time Issue 224 was released, lead writer Ed Reynolds was in charge. Charles Ellis joined the team in Issue 235 before taking full charge shortly after. Reynolds remained on as a co-editor until Issue 241, although his strips were still being aired until Issue 250. In Issue 253, Ellis was joined by Michael "Stiv" Stephenson who then took over for the next issue.

Mike Corker is another former editor for the online comic. Although originally credited as a co-editor, Corker has been on the editorial team and would take the title of "Editor-In-Chief" towards the end of his tenure. Corker is also the comic's web designer and formerly uploaded every comic to the website. As of Issue 276, Stiv is credited as Editor and L. T. Fletcher-Copeman is credited as Script Editor, with the latter also taking over uploading responsibilities.

Other editors include Matt Harris (Issue 230-Issue 240) and Matt McBangle, the managing editor for the first issue. In Issue 257, Iain Stewart and Calisto became Contributing Editors, although are only credited as being part of the editorial team in the Control Zone.

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