Art by Adamis

Echidna ships are ancient vehicles of aerial transportation, developed by the Echidna Empire of Megopolis City. As was much of the echidna technology, the ships are far more advanced than anything that currently exists on Mobius. Early designs were likely based on the Guardian Robots, which could fly using their winged arms and some could even open completely to provide a "convertible" flight.

Obsessed with echidna vehicles, Porker Lewis began to research the ancient ships. Knuckles the Echidna recognised the use such a ship could have and helped him build a prototype. This particular version included technology developed over 8,000 years ago, yet could still completely evade Mobius' most sophisticated surveillance systems. Although the control panel contained dozens of buttons that allowed passengers to set a direct course to a location, it also included two levers for manual steering of the flight. The middle of the hemispherical ship has four comfy seats that allow a pilot and three passengers to comfortably sit in two rows of two. The most interesting modification was the inclusion of a teleporter that could lock on to a target and pull them safely back to the ship.

One day, Knuckles was seemingly contacted by Amy Rose about a plan to free Sonic the Hedgehog from the Metropolis City High Security Prison. Knuckles piloted the ship down to Mobius and presumably showed Tails how to fly it in case of emergency. Soon, the teleporter activated and collected Sonic and Amy. Setting a course, Knuckles aimed for a safe haven, either the Floating Island or the Control Centre. Unfortunately, Sonic had been replaced by the Neo Metallix, who proceeded to destroy most of the controls with an invisible photon cannon. Tails managed to steer the ship into a safe crash-landing with the craft seemingly out of action for good.


  • Apart from looking like half of a Guardian Robot's head, the ship also slightly resembles a spinning platform from the "Angel Island Zone" of Sonic Advance.


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