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Ebony is a cat who once lived in the Metropolis Zone. She possesses many magical (or magickal) abilities but carries no licences to use them. Her travels have seen her become friends with a pacifist Super Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Porker Lewis but her best friend is Pyjamas, a psychic resident of The Neighbourhood.


It is unknown when or how Ebony began to exhibit magical capability but her first known step was to purchase The Groovy Train, a trendy coffee shop in Metropolis City. At some point, Ebony heard that Doctor Robotnik was planning on destroying the Elder Tree and his companions, trees that were able to think and talk. She joined or organised a peaceful protest, attempting to reason with Robotnik. Unfortunately, the tyrant sent in Special Badnik Service soldiers to disperse the crowd, using violence to counter the protestors' peace. Fortunately, Knuckles was in the area and assisted Ebony with subduing the Trooper forces. Later, Ebony and Pyjamas were accosted by Omen, another magical creature, who worked for Robotnik to arrest the heroes. The fight continued even when the trees grew restless, but Ebony would find herself captured by Omen, her 'superior'. Fortunately, she was rescued when Knuckles convinced the trees.

Adventures with Super Sonic

Ebony returned to her bar with Pyjamas and lived for a few peaceful months until a confused Super Sonic walked in, looking for a job. Pyjamas was dead against the idea but Ebony was ready to give him a chance until Bio-Hazard arrived to kidnap him. Ebony instructed her friend to perform a Mind Link on their new partner, unlocking his memories. Once Bio-Hazard returned home empty-handed, Ebony gave Super a job cleaning up the mess his arrival had caused.

The trio lived together for many happy months, Ebony forming a close bond with Super Sonic. Unfortunately, one shopping trip saw a train derail from its tracks high above a busy street. Ebony convinced Super to save the train with his abiltiies, but this saw Super turn evil once more. Quickly, Ebony performed the Globe of Enrokk, a spell that made Super have daydreams of destroying Mobius. Her power soon drained but Pyjamas saved them both with another Mind Link.

Another year on, Super Sonic was beginning to die thanks to a lack of Chaos energy. Concerned about her friend's health, Ebony took Super Sonic to the nearest source of Chaos energy, currently the location of Chaos and the Freedom Fighters. Convinced that her friend would remain peaceful even with such a huge amount of energy, she brought Super to the scene of the battle and watched as her companion destroyed Chaos. However, her plan failed as she witnessed Super return to his old ways and began his attempt to murder them all. In desperate measures, Ebony concocted a plan that saw Super Sonic return into Sonic's body. Subsequently, Ebony appeared in the last panel of the last ever STC story.

STC Online

Ebony returned in Sonic the Comic Online's very first story. The feline accompanied Sonic and Porker to the bottom of the ocean to locate the fallen Floating Island. The plan saw Sonic head to the island via a local transport while Ebony and Porker waited. Sonic's chance of surviving the heavy water pressure began to fall and Ebony decided to send The Power, a bubble of Chaos energy, down to the island, suggesting that Super Sonic may be a peaceful presence once more. After being beamed down to the planet, Ebony was proven wrong.

Nevertheless, Ebony remained on the Floating Island with Porker to talk to Knuckles. The events of the previous adventure had seen the resurrection of Tikal the Echidna, but in a completely insane state. Ebony ignored the pleas of Knuckles to leave her alone so that she can share her ancient memories, but Ebony disagreed, attacking Knuckles before erasing Tikal's memories of ever being trapped with Chaos.

Ebony returned years later on the run from the Order of Magick. The cat sought out Sonic the Hedgehog to protect her from her colleagues but didn't particularly detail her intentions. In the time since she was last seen, Ebony had obtained a magical aura around her body. She also seems to have some sort of link to Blaze the Cat.

Prior to this, Ebony also participated in The Battle For Mobius, protecting the trees of Metropolis Park from Robotnik once more.



"Uh oh, looks like Pyjamas is having one of her visions!"

It was never shown how Ebony and Pyjamas met, but the two have remained close friends ever since. Pyjamas accompanied Ebony on the Metropolis protest for the trees, but Ebony didn't seem to have much patience for Pyjamas' psychic visions. Pyjamas may work at The Groovy Train with Ebony and the two do everything together such as chat and go shopping. It is unknown what happened to Pyjamas when Ebony left for adventures with Sonic and Super Sonic.

Super Sonic

"Forget about it, pal! Your demonic days are over... For good!"

Super Sonic wandered into Ebony's coffee bar at a time when everything seemed perfect for Ebony. Super, on the other hand, had no idea who he was and his money had almost gone. Ebony gave Super Sonic a job to clean up the damage caused by Bio-Hazard and the two remained firm friends from then on. She has always maintained that there is some sort of peace left in Super Sonic, though this is doubtful as Super has shown destructive tendencies every time he has used his abilities. In the end, Ebony reluctantly agreed to rejoin Super and Sonic in one body, yet she still hoped Super would be a pacifist the next time he woke. Her desire to see her best friend once more led her to send a bubble of The Power down to the Floating Island, insisting that Super wouldn't destroy the world.


"That's Knuckles! I've read about him..."

Ebony had heard all about Knuckles before the two of them ever met, probably researching his legend involving the Floating Island. When the echidna assisted her in protecting the protestors from the SBS, Ebony enjoyed working with Knuckles and definitely didn't want to miss out on a fight like this. They parted amicably, but future meetings wouldn't be so friendly. It was Ebony who turned Knuckles' fight with Chaos into a deadlier one with Super, but she eventually reversed the damage. They would meet soon after the Floating Island was returned to the air, but Ebony took grievance with Knuckles' attitude to Tikal's suffering. Not wanting her to feel any more pain, Ebony took matters into her own hands, despite being punched by Knuckles. Ebony brought peace to Tikal once more, but it seemed that her relationship with Knuckles was beyond repair.



Ebony makes a brief non-canonical cameo appearance in issue #134 of the Archie Sonic comics.

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