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Art by Richard Elson

Easter Island is a special territory of Chile on Planet Earth. It is famous for hundreds of moai, statues that resemble human heads.


In Sonic the Comic, the island was first seen when Mobius' environment was beginning to collapse. Using her scanner, Tekno the Canary picked up "weird vibes" from within the Ring of Eternity. The other Freedom Fighters determined that this may be the source of the problem and entered the Limbo Dimension. They eventually landed on Easter Island and were soon accosted by the moai, actually statues consisting of millions of microbots.

Whilst Sonic the Hedgehog and Shortfuse the Cybernik tackled the rebuilding enemies, Tekno and Amy Rose travelled underground to head to the source of the problem. They discovered an alien computer that was diverting energy from Earth to one of Mobius' New Zones, but Tekno was unable to shut it down. Resorting to using her crossbow, Amy destroyed the machine, jeopardising both of their lives. Fortunately, they survived and the moai crumbled apart without anything to control them. Now that Earth was safe, the heroes returned to Mobius through the Ring of Eternity.