Art by Jon Haward

For the planet, see Planet Earth.

Earth is a ninja and one of the Four Elements, the deadly assassins of the Neo Zeed. Earth was the obvious "muscle" of the group; appearing very well-built, Earth literally took his power from Planet Earth. This meant that while he was separated from the ground, he had no power at all. To counteract this, Earth was extremely powerful at all other times and could cause a strong tremor by simply stomping on the ground. He used this in his first full appearance to try and get Naoko to stop running towards Joe Musashi, but stopped when told to by The Void. He later joined the other three Elements in the battles against the Roofworlders, where Earth was often paired against fellow brute Kinpachi. Although the pair were evenly matched, Kinpachi won by using all his strength to lift Earth off the ground, throwing him into the air and punching him on the way back down.

Like the other Elements, Earth may have been killed following the last battle.


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