Art by Keith Page

The E26 is a giant mech from Elhorn. Resembling a large suit of armour, one arm is fitted by a spiked ball whilst the other is replaced by a flamethrower. A solitary pilot can sit in the headspace and can control it with five levers.


Whilst Sparkster was away from the planet, King Gedol took over Elhorn and moved into Zebulos City with his troops. The lizard people quickly established a military prescence, with at least one E26 in their ranks. When Sparkster returned, Paerie confronted him, backed up by Grum in the seat of an E26. On orders from Paerie, Grum attempted to kill Sparkster with the E26's flamethrower, the fiery hot blast torching the opossum's cape. The knight went on to defeat all of Paerie's troops before turning his attention to the E26. Realising that its predecessor, the E25, had a fatal flaw in that it could be completely obliterated by piercing it with a sword, Sparkster tried the exact same thing with the E26. Sure enough, the mech exploded, incinerating Grum.


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