Art by Kevin M

The Dust Hill Zone is a desertous Zone on Mobius. The area is stereotypically desert-like, with miles of sand, barren mountains and cacti making up the surroundings. Life for the people in the Zone is understandably hard, so an irrigation project was set up to divert water there from surrounding Zones. However, the attempt was sabotaged by Rouge the Bat (under order from the Master Scholar) and millions of gallons of water ended up being spilled into "nothing".

Dust Hill was originally Mystic Cave name , the newly discovered pre-beta prototype uses this name the title card and the level select , this desert level is called " Sand Shower Zone " in the Sonic 2 developers concept art , Sand Shower is supposed to be a level in the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 but was cut due to time constraints. Only one screenshot was ever originally released but has been adapted into full levels in several fan productions. It was revealed to be the Sand Shower Zone in recent years.


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