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Dunzi leads a briefing.

Dunzi is a middle-aged elephant and senior officer in the Household Keepers, the secret service of the Hill Top Zone. While he's getting on in years and his field days are long behind him, he continues to pursue his duty for as long as he is able, in whatever way he can.


Dunzi is the Director of Operations in the Household Keepers, holding the rank of "Marker", subordinate to Marquess Telentu. While in his position of command Dunzi has to deal with the whole wide-ranging field of espionage, he has recently been devoting a large and ever-increasing amount of his time to attempts to prevent the sabotage operations of, and ultimately capture, the mercenary and current Drakon agent, Rouge.


Dunzi enjoys an excellent memory - it's often said that elephants never forget - and a head for storing and recalling information which has stood him in good stead as a spy. He also never forgets a slight, an insult - or a failure, a chief reason for his personal pursuit of Rouge. He seems to possess a near-neurotic sense of frustration and inadequacy for her repeated escapes, but this only drives him on harder in his attempts to bring her in, to the point that he has dispatched Keepers as far as the Starlight Zone in pursuit of her.