Art by Nigel Dobbyn

Not to be confused with the Drill Eggman

Drill-Bots are large drilling machines used to mine for diamonds in the caves below the Eldorado Zone (previously the Diamond Mine Zone). With a pair of eyes mounted on top, the drill of the robot looks like a large, rotating nose. To aid miners in their search for gems, Drill-Bots are programmed to home in on diamonds.


Tails paid a visit to the Eldorado Zone in 1997, hoping to acquire a veggie burger. When he was turned away by the posh restaurants, Tails turned to leave the zone but was soon called into action when a Drill-Bot surfaced in the dining establishment. It continued to cause havoc as it climbed out of the tunnel it had created, worrying a young resident that she may ruin her designer clothes. Confidently, Tails dodged the "sharp and dangerous bits" and located the "weak spot", turning the Drill-Bot off by its switch. The miner in charge of the robot soon climbed into the restaurant, thanking Tails and explaining that the Drill-Bot's sensors went wild when it detected the jewellery on the restaurant's diners.


  • A similar robot appeared in the second part of Future Shock, although this was purely a weapon (and a figment of the Sonic Clone's imagination).


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