Drak is the home planet of the Drakon Empire. The planet Drak is governed by the three great Drakon houses: the House of War, the House of Knowledge, and the House of Magic. Not much has yet been seen of Drak and little is known about life on the planet. Much of the planet seems to be heavily industrialized, resulting in high pollution levels. The Drakons also have a unique justice system, believing in Trial By Combat.


As far has been chronicled, the first Mobian to visit Drak was Doctor Ivo Robotnik, who was dragged there by a Prosecutor. He was not the first outsider however; many species other than the usual "fish" could be seen on the streets and they may have been members of species conquered by the Drakons.

During his first stay there, Robotnik quickly made a deal with Emperor Ko-Dorr that would help the Drakons get hold of the Chaos Emeralds. To this end, Robotnik captured Sonic the Hedgehog under the pretense that he was a danger to the Drakons and made him stand Trial By Combat in the Arena of Judgement. Outside, Tails watched the battle along with a number of civilians who believed in this form of justice. Instead, Tails saved Sonic and Ko-Dorr allowed them to return home.

In the House of Magic, the three leaders observed that the Vapours of Destiny showed Sonic to be the key to obtaining the Chaos Emeralds. To divert attention from himself, Ko-Dorr moved his operations to Mobius.

Drak wasn't seen again until Sonic found a Mobius Ring on Flickies' Island, transporting himself to the Drakon homeworld. The hero needed help to stop The Syndicate and opted to find Ko-Dorr. After a brief mix-up with the locals, Sonic got his wish to see a leader, but learned that Ko-Dorr had been replaced by Emperor Brokken. Sonic eventually convinced Master Scholar to hand him a Chaos Tap with a common interest at threat.

Later, Blaze the Cat was teleported to Drak by The Order of Magick as a way to get rid of her. Here, she learned from Dax, Etsu and Phi that the House of Magic were crushing the world with their ruthlessness. In exchange for returning home, Blaze used her magical powers to break into the building, where the renegade trio commandeered several books of magic and a Mobius Ring.

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