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Dr Kintobor and Sonic meet for the first time

Doctor Ovi Kintobor was a kindly scientist from Planet Earth who somehow crash-landed on Mobius. During his time on this planet, he built a laboratory under the Emerald Hill Zone and befriended Sonic the Hedgehog. He made a deal with the hedgehog to collect a number of Chaos Emeralds to be used for his Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, in order to make Mobius a paradise free from evil, and in return help the hedgehog become faster. Unfortunately, an unavoidable accident saw him turn into Doctor Ivo Robotnik, ending his life.


Life on Mobius

Sonic the Comic Online revealed that Kintobor had been out shopping one day on Earth when he somehow stumbled into Mobius (likely through dimensional warping or a portal), namely the Emerald Hill Zone. The humble scientist wasn't even that shocked by a talking Eurasian blue tit (Parus caeruleus) and immediately set to work improving the Zone. A bit of exploration saw him uncover a hollow hill that had been abandoned following the Great War between the echidnas and the Drakon Empire and contained six Chaos Emeralds and an odd device. After researching the secrets of the ancients, Kintobor learned about Chaos energy and contacted Equinox in the Special Zone, where he frequently conversed with the Omni-Viewer. After improving the Zone further with drinking water and the Star Post transportation system, Kintobor created the Kinetic Gyratosphere that transformed Sonic into the blue being he is today. At some point, Kintobor also designed the Extra Life monitor that would accidentally cause Sonic such grief much later in life.

While Sonic was out searching for the missing Grey Emerald one day, Kintobor began talking to the odd container that had also been left in the hollow and discovered that the Drakon Empire had been creating a weapon using Sonic's genes and Chaos energy. Kintobor attempted to finish the experiment, teaching the being everything he knew, but could never make the creation into a physical being. It wasn't until much, much later that The Syndicate would finish the job and produce Shadow the Hedgehog.

Hungry one day, Kintobor went to his fridge to only discover a rotten egg. Happy to try and cook it anyway, Kintobor took it out and went to cook it, but ended up tripping on a cable and falling into a computer panel. The damaged systems caused a chain reaction with the egg and exploded. Out of the dust came the evil Doctor Robotnik.

Planet Metallix

A friendly face in a much bleaker parallel timeline. Art by Richard Elson.

When the Brotherhood of Metallix changed history with the Pirate Omni-Viewer so that Robotnik had never existed, this meant that Kintobor was allowed to live rather than change into his evil self. Forced into the underground of Planet Metallix, Kintobor and his friend Rob led The Underground, a resistance to the Metallixes. When Sonic, Porker Lewis and the Chaotix Crew stumbled upon him, the scientist saved their lives by destroying a squad of Metal Sonics and gave Sonic an Anti-Metallix device. Once time was returned to normal, Kintobor once more ceased to exist. It is unknown what might have happened in the past after Kintobor didn't turn into Robotnik and it was possible that he was still friends with another Sonic of that timeline, or that Sonic had been killed.


Sonic and Kintobor re-united once more. Art by Richard Elson.

After the events of Robotnik Reigns Supreme, Robotnik was defeated and apparantly shrunk to nothing thanks to the Grey Emerald. Actually, Robotnik had just been shrunk so much that he ended up in the sub-atomic world of Shanazar. Sonic learned this and followed him (along with Grimer and Nack the Weasel), only to find that Robotnik had somehow reverted back to Kintobor! The kindly scientist had landed in the desert, but was close to death without any water. Fortunately, he was found by nomads and taken to the city where the people treated him like royalty. Kintobor set to work designing a new plumbing system and was promoted to Grand Vizier by Princess Kupacious. However, his delight at seeing Sonic again was short-lived when the pair were sent on a suicide mission to the Mystic Mountain. During the journey, Kintobor appeared visibily ill and had to keep taking medicine. The potion became useless before too long and Kintobor turned back into Robotnik (with his clothes still fitting nicely).

Kintobor Computer

After the explosion in his l

The Kintobor Computer introduces himself.

aboratory, Kintobor's brain patterns were somehow recorded on a Power Ring. Brainy pig Porker Lewis managed to extract the data and place it onto a computer, one that had Kintobor's face beaming out of it. The device remained at the forefront of the Freedom Fighters' base, giving them information from his sensors and advising them. When the laboratory was destroyed by Robotnik, Porker managed to eventually put the computer back on the Ring. The gang were forced to live on the run as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, with Kintobor reduced to living in a cramped laptop. Things got much better for him when the team moved to the Control Centre, giving the computer a massive central column to reside in. He also proved to be an even more useful team member once he linked up the world's sensors. However, the declining reputation of Sonic thanks to the Kane Broadcasting Company saw him lose permission from Zone Leaders to scan their Zones.

Kintobor was once hacked by Grimer while he was "locked" away in Metropolis City High Security Prison. From there, Grimer was able to convince the device that there was a mass Badnik attack in the Metropolis Zone, placed him inside a large Badnik, silently added surveillance cameras to his registry and simply turned him off when Sonic needed him the most. Sonic once worried that Kintobor was still not like his old self and it isn't certain now that Kintobor has been fully restored, although removing him from the Emerald Hill Zone probably helped. He now has a permanent home underneath Buddy's Bistro, although he still appears from time to time as a portable advisor (usually in the form of a Nintendo DS).

Exit: Sonic

In "Exit: Sonic", Porker Lewis finally manages to complete Kintobor's original goal: making Mobius a paradise free from evil. By siphoning the Chaos Energy from both Robotnik and Sonic, he reverses Robotnik back to Kintobor for good, killing Super Sonic in the process. Later, Kintobor realizes that all evil from Mobius was stored in the Kintobor Computer, now the Robotnik Computer, and shuts it down for good.


  • His name, spelt backwards, is Ivo Robotnik.
  • Kintobor returned in Sonic the Comic Online story Many Happy Returns, alongside nine other past and future incarnations of Robotnik. The evil Robotniks immediately set upon Sonic, but Kintobor was most confused, standing in his pyjamas believing it all to be a dream.
  • In his early appearances, Kintobor has hair growing from behind his ears in a style similar to his moustache.  During the Shanazar arc, this hair has disappeared.