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Dinosaurs are reptilian creatures that have existed on multiple planets, including Earth and Mobius. They have become extinct on most worlds, but several species (and the related pterosaurs) remain on Mobius.

The most often seen beasts are the Kohenyu - huge dinosaurs that lived in peace on the Floating Island before being hunted to extinction by the ancient echidna tribe - and a pterodactyl herd raised on the Mobian Prairie. Pterodactyls and a species of dromeosaur were also used by the echidnas. Society Max is a character who posed as a respectable lizard, but would transform into a ferocious dinosaur when fed a Mandrake root. A large carnosaur was part of an illegal race that the Babylon Rogues took part in. Robotnik modelled Mekanik and Rexon after the great beasts.

On Earth, Ecco the Dolphin was forced to contend with a whole world of them when sent to the ancient past by a glyph. Other dinosaurs were reborn in the sewers of North Sterlington, thanks to the monstrous green slime. The young adventurer Marko made sure they stayed extinct by vapourising them.

In another world, Shion ventured to Dinotown in Ghost World to fight dinosaurs that had become ghosts but weren't keen on resting anytime soon.

Most significantly, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary discovered that life on both Mobius and on many other worlds was created by "dinosaurs in spacesuits" - billions of years before dinosaurs evolved, and with the suggestion that the dinosaurs are working for God.