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Decap Attack is a long running horror-comedy strip, based on Sega's Decap Attack game; it bears the honour of being the longest non-Sonic strip, being around for five years and only ending after the introduction of reprints. It was, to date, the only non-Sonic strip to return in Sonic the Comic Online, albeit for just two stories so far.

The plot of Decap Attack is suitably loose considering the game it came from. The series revolves around Castle Frank N. Stein and its inhabitants - Professor Frank N. Stein, Chuck D. Head, Igor and Head - as they struggle to live together while Frank churns out more revived corpses in an attempt to be a famous mad professor. Many of the strips are comedic one-shots that put the creations and unhappy residents into everday circumstances only for somebody to lose out at the end - usually Igor. Early stories were much longer and followed the invasion of Max D. Cap or the relentless pursuit of Chuck by Detective Case.


Despite the series supposedly being set in modern-day Transylvania, the supporting characters talk very British-ly and the accents are derived from regional ones. As well as this, the trio have taken an adventure to medieval Swansea.


Although the entire series is focused on the four main characters, there have been a slew of minor background characters that would rival the main Sonic the Comic universe. In order of appearance, these are Kevin the Bat, Max D. Cap, Rupert, Bullhead, Croc, the Blockbusters contestant, Winston, Detective Case, Boris, Keiff, Doctor X, Terry, Take That, Nanny, Mr Cuddle Bunny, Daphne, Kevin, the Pumpelkins, Mick C McTosis, Timothy Twitch, Billy No-Friends, the Thin Controller, Ricardo, Bernard, The Snagsbys, Mr Winkleton, Tipsy the Goldfish, Peter the Perfect Pixie, Stinky Bates, Pongo, Basher, Doctor Daffyd Leek, Gareth and Blodwyn, Lord Wobblebury, Nerys H. Aboristwith, The Maltese Budgies, Meek, Rocky, Moose, Colonel Boldwig-Smythe, George Curdle, Slurp-a-Kins, Tall Tim, Mr Lowe, Klaus, Dorothy, Doctor Carcass, Midnight Nurse, Copycat, Contradictor, Giggler, Punster, Monty the Python, Reverse Psychology Man, Mystery Man, Jennifer AND Chuck's twin brother from an alternate future.


  • For a while, Decap strip titles were only one word. This was a minor rebellion on Nigel's part, after Deborah Tate had asked him to use shorter story titles. [1]
  • It has been said by Nigel that it was Deborah Tate who allowed the strip to keep running years after the Decap game had been and gone.

List of stories

All stories were written by Nigel Kitching, although many were co-written by Richard Rayner. Almost all were drawn as well by Kitching, making it his "pet project", although some were given to Mick McMahon. Kitching later admitted that he hadn't thought of giving long-time partner Richard Elson the chance to draw a strip.