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Art by Richard Elson

The Death Egg was a gigantic flying fortress created by Doctor Robotnik. It serves as Robotnik's ultimate instrument of terror and destruction, capable of laying waste to much of the planet Mobius. Two Death Eggs have been built and both were destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Death Egg I

The first Death Egg was only seen in Sonic the Comic Issue 6. Its origins are exactly as they are in the video game


Sonic the Hedgehog 2, though its end is not. Believed to have been destroyed some time ago, the satellite had in fact survived, but was heavily damaged and its orbit had decayed. It was set to crash into the Emerald Hill Zone until Sonic and Tails took a shuttle from the Wing Fortress and boarded the falling satellite, hoping to destroy it before impact. Death Egg I was still guarded by Silver Sonic, Robotnik's first Sonic robot. It attacked Sonic but fared no better than it had before; Sonic managed to kick its head off. Silver Sonic had managed to delay the two heroes long enough for the satellite to enter Mobius's atmosphere, forcing Sonic to try and steer the falling station into the Emerald Ocean whilst Tails was forced to take an escape pod. The Death Egg I sank beneath the waves, but Sonic survived after running and jumping onto the escape pod at the last second.

Death Egg II

The more well-known Death Egg first appeared in Sonic the Summer Special, in the first ever Knuckles the Echidna story Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds. It was colossal in size and could function in air or space. It carried all the facilities necessary for Robotnik to work with, including a laboratory, a surveillance centre and a hangar housing hundreds of Badniks (such as the oddly-named Spikebonker) and various vehicles. It was also armed with a powerful weapons array, the 'eyes' of the Death Egg were in fact massive energy cannons capable of annihilating whole landmasses. Because of all these features, the Death Egg required a tremendous amount of energy which could not be provided by meager natural resources, and so the warship needed a source of Chaos energy to provide it infinite power.

First Flight

When exactly the Death Egg II was constructed is unknown. Nor is it known how - or if - Robotnik was able to build and launch it without the Freedom Fighters' discovering it and interfering with it. What is known is that one day the engines failed and the spaceborne fortress fell from orbit, crash-landing on the then-unknown Floating Island. Knuckles the Echidna investigated the crash site where he was greeted by Robotnik personally, who told the gullible Guardian that the evil Sonic the Hedgehog was planning to steal the Chaos Emeralds. So with Knuckles' blessing (not that he would've needed it), Robotnik constructed the Launch Base Zone on the Floating Island in order to repair the Death Egg and relaunch it.

Rebuilding and Relaunch

With a new series of Badniks at his disposal and Knuckles serving as his bodyguard, Robotnik quickly began repairing


the Death Egg. Numerous setbacks occurred, such as Knuckles' betrayal and the Freedom Fighters' successful attack on a Badnik convoy which was transporting the Death Egg's new main thruster over the Emerald Valley Bridge, but ultimately the fortress was repaired. The Death Egg could not fly without a perpetual source of energy, and so Robotnik deployed his new Metallix Mark 2 to steal the Master Emerald. Although Metallix was defeated by Sonic, the Master Emerald had been left on a teleporter device in the Sky Sanctuary Zone, which Robotnik was able to hack into and use to beam the Master Emerald straight into the Death Egg's power core. The Death Egg was launched and slowly headed toward the Emerald Hill Zone, but was intercepted by Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic boarded the ship while Knuckles returned to the Floating Island, using the energy from the remaining Chaos Emeralds to turn the island into a flying fortress itself. The Death Egg found itself under attack from without and within, with Sonic attempting to take back the Master Emerald and the Floating Island firing blasts of Chaos energy upon the fortress, inflicting a great amount of damage. Sonic succeeded in taking back the Master Emerald and defeated Robotnik, and the flaming carcass of the Death Egg fell to Mobius.

Final Destruction

In Issue 231 of Sonic the Comic Online, the Freedom Fighters had discovered that the Death Egg had survived its crash and had been left to rust in the Emerald Coast Zone. When they boarded the ship, they found that several Badniks were active aboard it, including a scientist robot named Chief Scientist Unit 01. These robots were quickly defeated and Sonic and the others found that an artificial intelligence called SRM (Scientific Research Module) had been running automatically and conducting various research projects in Robotnik's absence. Said projects included cures to various diseases and energy-saving devices and Porker Lewis had hoped to retrieve the data. Sonic refused to let it survive, believing that nothing good could ever come from something Robotnik had made. Sonic activated the self-destruct system and he and the others evacuated. With this act, the Death Egg was finally, completely destroyed.