Day of the Puppets is a complete Amy Rose story in Issue 137.



On board the spaceship prison Astratraz, a breakout is taking place. A group of intelligent puppets have broken free and are rebelling against their captors, just as Amy and Tekno the Canary beam aboard on their next mission. The puppets question the girls' allegiance and their answer seems them engaged in a fight with "woodentops". Unfortunately, there is no exit due to being in space and the girls are soon captured. They are thrown into a cell along with the owners of the ship, leading the aliens to question how they got here. One native explains that the puppets, fitted with intelligence chips in their woodgrain, were to be transported to a prison planet before they took over. During this conversation, Tekno becomes engrossed in a planetary chart and suddenly bangs on the door, volunteering to help the puppets find a planet to invade. This treachery worries the aliens, but Amy is confident.

In the cockpit, Tekno pilots the ship into a planet's atmosphere, unaware that the leader still plans to "vagourise" her. As the ship lands, the puppets march straight forward, unaware that Planet Terminus is inhabited by giant termites that hungrily gobble up the wooden lifeforms. Now free, the aliens prepare to radio base for a pickup, but not before Amy and Tekno vanish, ready for their next task.


  • The head puppet has a speech impedient (thanks to his clunky jaw), causing him to replace the letter P with the letter G. This isn't consistently followed, however, such as with "imprison". B is also replaced by G on one occasion, despite not doing so the first time.


The previous Amy Rose story was Prehistoric Ways. The next is Future Distractions.

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