The Death Egg rises once again

Day of the Death Egg is a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog, appearing in Issue 45 of Sonic the Comic. The story sees the Death Egg rise to conquer all. Or does it...



Despite the problem's regarding thrusters last issue, the Death Egg is finally ready to launch! After a quick countdown, Doctor Robotnik launches his ship from the Launch Base Zone, ready to make the Emerald Hill folk suffer!

In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are busy with yet another Badnik attack. Despite being routine, Sonic runs away, forcing a Rhinobot to give chase. The robot taunts the hero, but Sonic has the last laugh. The pair zoom off the edge of a cliff into an abyss of spikes; the Rhinobot perishes, but Tails arrives in time to catch Sonic before being skewered. Unfortunately, victory is short-lived as a nasty shadow spreads across the Zone. In the village, citizens gather to investigate the odd weather. What seems to be Johnny Lightfoot tries to reassure everyone that its just an eclipse, until the "moon" gains red glowing eyes, which proceed to fire huge laser beams, ripping a hole through the Zone. Robotnik threatens to unleash worse if they don't present him with Sonic, but the hedgehog is here anyway, unafraid to fight this new threat. Tails decides to play the hero, is aiming to catch the Death Egg by surprise with his flying prowess. Sadly for Tails, it is the fox who is surprised as the Death Egg's cannon hits Tails head-on, ripping him to pieces. Distraught at the ruthless murder of his friend, Sonic speeds towards the ship to avenge his death, only for Robotnik to set his death rays to maximum. The proceeding blast ends up tearing Sonic to shreds along with the rest of the Zone.

As silence falls, Robotnik is "egg-static". Grimer had simply run a simulation, a test to show the power of the Death Egg. The new thruster had only arrived earlier that day, so the launch of the Death Egg is still a few weeks away. However, with that test-run under his large belt, Robotnik is ready to grab absolute control of Mobius.


  • Grimer seems to break the fourth wall, informing readers that the previous events were only a simulation. He could, however, have been talking to Robotnik without looking at him.
  • Megadroid confirms this revelation, not willing to let anything happen to "poor Tails". The other Emerald Hill folk, as well as Sonic, are fair game of course.
  • The Rhinobot that Sonic lured to its demise in the spikes had no organic battery. Fortunately.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Badniks Bridge, also part of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles story arc. The next is The Big Con.

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