Day One is a complete Amy Rose story in Issue 142 of Sonic the Comic. It is part of the Eternity Ring story arc.



Having escaped Colonel Granite, Amy and Tekno the Canary are on their travels once again. At their next destination, they arrive through the Ring of Eternity, suggesting they are on Mobius. However, their homecoming is put on hold when they spot dinosaurs in spacesuits. Judging by their dialogue, Amy figures they are invading the planet so leaps out to attack the workers. The men in charge are baffled, believing there should be no intelligent life on the planet. This shocks Tekno, thinking that the dinosaurs have exterminated everyone. Amy is furious and fires her crossbow at the leaders. Not wishing to attack, they activate their shields and the arrow flies elsewhere.

Soon enough, Tekno consults her scanner and realises they are millions of years in the past. The dinosaurs explain that they are actually creating life and, long ago, they constructed the Ring of Eternity to help them spread the Spark of Evolution on chosen planets. The leader then shows the girls how life on Mobius was created. The Ring of Eternity chooses now to speak, explaining that this was a reward for the girls' hard work across the universe. As the heroes fade away, Amy is dejected, thinking there was another creator of life. However, the blue dinosaur winks, saying he works for somebody else.


  • In contrast with Tekno's scientific nature, Amy is revealed to believe in a divine creator. The final scenes strongly imply that there is indeed a God in STC.
  • When she thinks the dinosaurs have killed everyone on Mobius, Amy declares it's time for "drastic action" and fires her crossbow - while not explicit, Amy does seem to be trying to kill them in revenge.
  • Amy and Tekno immediately assume that the dinosaurs must be invaders, even though they're just standing there! (Though since the Eternity Ring keeps sending them to places where they do need to hit people, that's somewhat understandable.)


The previous Amy Rose story was Out of Time. The next is When in Romanus.

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