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Etsu, Phi and Dax (left to right). Art by Adamis.

Dax, Etsu and Phi are a trio of "machi" from the Planet Drak in the Drakon Empire. They are removed from the House of Magic, but still possess some of their magical power.


Having once been part of the House of Magic, Dax, Etsu and Phi are now able to see things from a civilian perspective. They believe that the House of Magic is slowly destroying their planet and making life hard for the general populace. In order to help the people, the threesome planned to break into the House, steal some of their books and spells and fight back against the House of War. They would eventually prove to be successful with the help of Blaze the Cat.

The three use a technological form of magic, although the only talent they displayed was being able to conjure up blueprints from thin air.


A leader of sorts, Dax is the one that communicates the team's ideas to Blaze. He initially tried to convey his frustrations to Blaze, but his long-winded approach simply bored the cat. Using his cunning, he was able to convince Blaze to help them. Inside the House of Magic, he was concerned when Blaze was hit by the sisters' magic, but followed Etsu to the library.

Back outside, Dax returned to his friendly self, thanking Blaze for her efforts.


Etsu is the tallest of the group and is the de facto "muscle". However, his stealth left a lot to be desired when Blaze noticed him sneaking up on her and slammed into a wall.

Unlike the other two, Etsu is less than sympathetic to Blaze's needs and is the one to leave her behind when she required help. Much like Shortfuse the Cybernik in "Boiling Point", his hot-headedness helped him pass the mission, albeit at a team-mate's expense.

Etsu also commands a sort of authority amongst the team, convincing the others to leave Blaze to her demise. He also cuts short Phi's explanations and demands Dax to be less discreet about their plans.


The apparent genius of the group, Phi is a meek but talented man. The bespectacled machi is able to conjure up a map of the House of Magic whilst talking to Blaze, although he finds himself shocked when Blaze refuses to help them.

Phi is all too eager to tell Blaze why she is so special, going into detail about the Chaos energy that runs through her and her ability to break barriers. He is stopped on two occasions by Dax and Etsu, suggesting he has the tendency to run his mouth off too much. In personality and appearance, he resembles Porker Lewis.


Dax, Etsu and Phi met Blaze when she was transported to Drak by The Order of Magick and were drawn to her both by her powers of flame and by the Essence she stole from Ebony. They initially tried sneaking up on and attacking her, but Etsu was slammed into a wall thanks to Blaze's hyper-awareness. They quickly attempted to convince her to fight back against the House of Magic's oppression, but Blaze preferred to fight her own battles. The promise of finding a way home convinced her otherwise.

In the House of Magic, the trio watched on as Blaze gradually broke the barrier, but were reluctant to explain why she was so powerful. Immediately, a magic spell hit Blaze, but Etsu commanded the three to head to the library without her. They seemingly bypassed all resistance and stole spells and a Mobius Ring. With this, they transported themselves and Blaze out of the compound.

Outside, Phi continued to explain Blaze's powers, before being cut off by Dax's request for future help. Blaze stopped short of committing herself and returned to Mobius. This left the machi trio to prepare for a stand-off with the House of War. They would supposedly go on to help the people of Drak with their newly-acquired powerful spells.


  • The machi trio resemble The Ultimax, three new heroes that plan to fight their planet's oppressors with the easiest resource to come by (magic/money) but need an established hero's help to get them going.
  • Their first appearance of a group saw them wearing cloaks, making them look like the Order of Magick when they first materialised.


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