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Cybernik Strikes Back is a 5-part Sonic's World story that began in Issue 63 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted from Issue 185.



As always, a group of Mobians are being led to a Badnik Processing Plant. One slave, Tekno the Canary, isn't looking forward to her life inside a Badnik and a Trooper is about to hit her for speaking out of line. However, Shortfuse the Cybernik arrives to destroy the patrolling robots. He easily dispatches most of them, but a self-destructing Trooper ploughs into Shortfuse. The watching civilians are terrified, but Shorty escapes unharmed. Tekno wonders what Shortfuse is and he replies that he was an ordinary squirrel until he was forced to become a Cybernik. Fortunately, he resisted the brainwashing but is still a slave to the armour. Shortfuse reveals that he came here to request Tekno's services - he needs a bomb to blow up a Chemical Plant Zone factory. In Citadel Robotnik, Grimer reminds Doctor Robotnik that he could use Metamorphia to put Shortfuse down.

In the Emerald Hill Zone, Shortfuse is taken to Tekno's Workshop where she begins work on the device and even upgrades Shortfuse's Megatal armour. She reveals she was once an engineer for Robotnik, but was sent to be a Badnik when caugbht stealing materials for her own weapons. Three days later, the heroes visit the Chemical Plant Zone and easily take down a fleet of Balkiry Badniks. Tekno manages to plant the bomb, but Metamorphia arrives to battle Shortfuse - with four minutes left on the clock!

The shape-changing monster gets the upper hand, dazing Shortfuse by battering with steel girders. Shortfuse struggles to grasp Metamorphia's gaseous form but gets the upper hand when she returns to a solid body, blocking her axe attack and shooting her into the sea. Before the heroes can escape, Metamorphia returns, assuming the form of a giant octopus that traps them both in her tentacles. Shortfuse uses his boot jets to harm Metamorphia. With fifteen seconds left, Metamorphia produces a gun and shoots Shortfuse, leaving her to carry Tekno away. Shortfuse is unhappy to escape the bomb's explosion and is forced to the bottom of the sea.

Metamorphia returns to Citadel Robotnik with her prisoner. Metamorphia gleefully describes how she defeated Shortfuse, but Robotnik is left furious when she reaches the part where the bomb destroyed her factory. Shortfuse is still alive on the sea bed, but his oxygen is running out. Using his bot jets again, he manages to dig a trench that gives him enough room to escape from his trap of twisted debris. For Metamorphia's failure to protect Robotnik's factory, her powers are removed and Grimer is ordered to take her to be processed into a Badnik. Shortly after, Troopers rush in and announce Shortfuse's arrival in the Metropolis Zone, blasting aside Buzzers and Balkiries as he goes.

The Cybernik easily smashes through the Citadel's outer wall and the Troopers' gunshots prove ineffective compared to Shortfuse's laser blasts. With no Badniks left, Shortfuse has a perfect shot lined up for Robotnik, but he is interrupted when Metamorphia returns and captures Tekno. She states that she can easily handle Tekno without her powers, leaving Robotnik to taunt Shortfuse about risking Tekno's life. However, Tekno realises that Metamorphia has no strengths and easily overpowers her. Shortfuse decides to let Robotnik go, believing that having the dictator watch his own creation bring down his empire will be much more satisfying. Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, Tekno offers to share her base with Shortfuse, but he prefers to go it alone.


  • This is Tekno's first ever appearance.
  • The first Trooper in the story has markings on his gun that suggest he has shot Mobians.
  • Metamorphia makes her final appearance before turning into a Badnik. She would later return in this form as a creation conjured by Robotnik in Robotnik Reigns Supreme, despite deeming her to be a failure.
  • Shortfuse's armour is revealed to be made of Megatal, the hardest metal on Mobius.
  • Metamorphia has used her gaseous form on Sonic the Hedgehog twice, although the last occasion was a failure.


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