Art by Roberto Corona

Cybernik: The Inside Story! is a feature exclusive to the Sonic Holiday Special 1996. Coming straight after the Sonic vs Shortfuse strip, the article begins by giving a brief explanation of Shortfuse the Cybernik's past and how he came to be trapped inside the Cybernik suit.

The majority of the page, however, is dedicated to delving inside Shorty's suit and investigating the inner mechanics. Important components are labelled and named in an alphabetical key, all fourteen of which are listed below:

  • Anti-gravity hover-speed boot jets
  • Armoured tail (with re-chargeable power cells)
  • Audio and radio detectors
  • Cybernetic brain inter-face
  • Digitised health monitor
  • Direct mobility control
  • Extended spectrum visual enhancers
  • Exterior super-alloy 'Megatal' armour
  • Force ray armaments
  • Limited internal oxygen supply
  • Plexi-metal joint compound
  • Power assisted grip
  • Solar energy grip
  • Voice amplifiers


  • The built-in filter system that Shortfuse alludes to in Spaced Out is not listed here.
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