Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn

Cucumber sandwiches are sandwiches that have cucumber as their main filling. On Planet Earth, they were once regarded as an upper-class snack in Victorian England. The sandwiches are traditionally made with paper-thin bread that has no crust around it.

During their adventures through the Ring of Eternity, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary were forced to mediate a possible war between the Meek Tribe and Thickskull Tribe. Tekno was keen to show the underdogs how to build their own weapons for self-defence, but Amy wanted to find a peaceful way. They suggested to the Meeks that they should laugh about their differences before talking about their problems over tea and sandwiches (despite there being no obvious sign that bread and cucumbers existed on this planet). On their way to their next destination in the limbo dimension, Amy expressed confusion over whether or not introducing cucumber sandwiches to a civilisation was a good thing.


  • Cucumber sandwiches are a running gag in Sonic Unleashed, with Professor Pickle attempting to find the perfect sandwich.


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