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Cream the Rabbit is a recurring character.

She made her first appearance as a full-fledged STC character in the Sonic the Easter Special story, The Tale of Cream the Rabbit. This incarnation of Cream is boundlessly optimistic and eager to help in the fight against Doctor Robotnik, as well as being very tech-savvy, posting all her exploits on Chirpafriend. While at the moment she isn't in much of a position to help Sonic out, as a member of the Sky Pirates, she remains hopeful that she can one day become a Freedom Fighter. While Captain Plunder doesn't think much of her (indeed, he thinks she is stupid), it seems he plans on keeping her around, since his woeful luck has turned around since she joined the crew.

Other appearances

In the Sonic video games, Cream is a well mannered young rabbit who prefers not to resort to violence. She is protected on her adventures by Cheese the Chao. In her first major appearance in Sonic the Comic Online however, she is lacking Cheese as a companion, instead using him as an avatar on Chirpafriend.

Cream's very first appearance was in a Sonic the Poster Mag 2005 mini-comic by Bakasam (credited as Samantha Jessop). Her "full" debut was in the Decap Attack strip Good Luck Chuck. Professor Frank N Stein had opened a shop, Wishy Washy, to sell good luck charms to all of Transylvania. One such charm was "lucky rabbit feet", the door for which opened to show a gagged and bound Cream.


Cream's cameo, art by Stiv and Mike Corker

  • For a long time, Cream was the subject of intense discussions in the Message Zone, many readers wondering if Cream should properly be brought into the main stories and what she should be like. Tom Huxley was one writer keen to introduce her and mentioned a possible story on numerous occasions. This came to a head with her first cameo appearance in Huxley's Decap script and later her starring role in the Tale of Cream the Rabbit.