The first Control Zone and Megadroid's first appearance

The Control Zone is a feature which appeared in every issue of Sonic the Comic, up until Issue 140. Always the first page of the comic (after the cover), Megadroid would inform Boomers about what stories were to be expected, as well as mentions of free gifts, features and posters. The Zone would also give messages about the current theme of the comic (such as Hallowe'en or Christmas) or share information about things not directly related to the comic (such as Sega announcements or appearances from Sonic lookalikes at Christmas lights switch-ons).

The Sega Charts were a regular part of the Control Zone, making their last appearance in Issue 108. The first four issues only followed the current three consoles, but the Mega-CD soon made its way in. The Master System chart was replaced by the Saturn in Issue 76. Issue 103 saw the Charts reduced to just the Saturn and the Mega Drive, until both were removed in Issue 108. With the decline in Sega's popularity, the charts never returned.

The Control Zone was also home to the credits for that issue, until the Control Zone was removed, where the credits moved to the first page of the Sonic the Hedgehog story.

The Zone returned for Sonic the Comic Online, along with Megadroid, serving the same purpose as it used to, minus the Sega Charts.

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