Art by Mike Hadley

A Control Disc is a device that alters the programming of a robot wearing it. Doctor Robotnik created one and ordered an EggRobo to fix to it Shortfuse the Cybernik. Although it was dropped on the Cybernik from a great height, the disc stook instantly and quickly brainwashed him into serving Robotnik. The device, with help from a giant projection of Robotnik in the sky, convinced Shortfuse to kill Sonic the Hedgehog, but the subsequent battle ended in a stalemate. Tekno the Canary eventually joined them in the Rocky Desert Zone and easily pushed the disc off her friends, freeing him from Robotnik's control. Shorty then crushed the disc to prevent him being controlled again.

Robotnik threatened to alter the device to make it more permanent, but he never managed to control Shortfuse again.


  • This was the first time Shortfuse was taken over by an external force. He would later be controlled by the Insectra Empire and their Controla-Crawly.
  • Tekno refers to the device as a "magnetic disc".


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