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The Control Centre was the fourth known base of operations for the Freedom Fighters.

Located in the heart of the Emerald Hill Zone, the Freedom Fighters moved in a short time after the Final Victory and set about making it a fully functional base and home. Their first priority was to transfer the Kintobor Computer from the laptop to a much larger console and linking it up with a network of sensors around the Zone. This network would later expand to cover much of Mobius, so the Freedom Fighters would near instantly be made aware of any danger apparent.

The Control Centre would continue to be used as the heroes' headquarters until it was eventually destroyed in the early stages of the Battle For Mobius. Fortunately, Tails and Kintobor, who had transferred his data onto a Power Ring, managed to escape in time. In the ruins, Sonic and Tails reunited, the hedgehog passing on the mantle of hero of Mobius to Tails, before they both departed on respective solo missions.

It is unknown if any attempts have been made to rebuild the Control Centre.