Art by Nick Abadzis

Computer Repairs
is the name of (or the description of) a shop in Pomfret-on-Sea. As its name suggests, the staff at the shop mend broken desktop computers.


Fed up with his life at the Sonic the Comic offices, Megadroid left London and tried to find work at a train station. When this failed, followed by a disastrous stint as a cruise waiter, Megadroid washed up on the coast of Pomfret. It didn't take long for Megadroid to stumbled upon Computer Repairs, his attention drawn in particular to a female Megadroid in the window. Megadroid jumped at the opportunity and landed his dream job, repairing computers with his new droid friend.

Later in the day, whilst Megadroid was gifting the female bot with some oil, he was invited out to watch the new Judge Droid film. However, an unpleasant experience both there and at the Techno Toes disco bar had upset Megadroid by the time he returned to the shop that night. The female Megadroid entered the establishment, unaware of her friend's problem. Megadroid, on the other hand, grabbed his suitcase and returned to STC.


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