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Tekno & Shorty Come Crashing Down! is a Tekno & Shorty complete story that appeared in Issue 254 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Upon discovering the Eternity Ring, Tekno the Canary and Shorty the Squirrel have discovered Set to be alive and well, wearing the armour of Shortfuse. Revealing himself, Tekno admits she thought she'd killed him (despite her protests to Shorty the previous issue). Interrupting their conversation, Set moves to kill the pair but Shorty leaps in with a punch while Tekno attempts to connect a gateway to Mobius. The canary is then cornered by a murderous Set, but she fortunately feels the sphere of armour by her feet and throws it at Shorty, transforming him into the Cybernik. Shorty soon gets the upper hand, easily swatting away Set's weapon despite his reservations about being forced to become Shortfuse. The Ring is then opened, but Set isn't prepared to let them go. Tekno has other ideas and shoots Set dead with a laser gun and Shorty is horrified. With the Ring only staying open for a short while, Shorty isn't keen on going back to his old life and wants to return to Solstice. The canary isn't amused and locks up Shorty's armour, allowing her to drag him through the portal against his will.

In the Emerald Hill Zone, the Eternity Ring is destroyed and Shorty is free from his armour. With no words to express his anger, Shorty runs away and Tekno is left to discover that her world has entered a war.


  • Set is discovered to be alive but is killed for good at the end of the story. Unlike the last story, the body is on-panel afterwards.
  • Shorty tells Set that Tekno isn't his girlfriend; she overhears this and gets pretty upset. Tekno having a thing for Shorty has been hinted at throughout the comic's run.
  • After ten parts, the saga appears to have come to an end, with the heroes returning to Mobius.
  • As the Eternity Ring, spirit of Mobius, was destroyed in the story, it's likely Mobius is in grave danger.


Like the last few parts, reception of the story was overwhelmingly negative, to the point that the majority of readers believe the character of Tekno to be "ruined forever". Plot-convenient aspects such as the sphere of Shortfuse's armour and Set's revelation that Tekno "failed to hit any major organs" were derided. Murphy's artwork was roundly praised for being better than the previous story, but still needed work. The final caption stated that "Tekno & Shorty will return in the future", although several readers pointed out that they hoped they wouldn't.


The previous Tekno & Shorty story was The Long Road. This is the current installment.